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A \”Constructive\” Criticism Victory!

Oh…she was terrible! Her voice was too low and garbled, she did not look up, she was slouched in the chair and her knees were visibly shaking. I can not believe her goal in life was to be a TV anchor woman. Of course, she was only 18 and this was only a Forensic competition. But, it was a District competition and the score I gave her determined if she would make it to the finals.

I had put off doing my duty, as the parent of a speech team member, by being the judge for at least one Speech/Forensics competition. By procrastinating and waiting until the end of the year and judging the districts, little did I know that what I saw…what I heard and the score I gave them could effect the rest of their lives.

As each student came in to be judged, I explained that, to me, they all deserved to get...

The Lassie Dog

As Kevin sat intently in front of the old 19 inch Zenith television set with \’rabbit ears\’ and poor reception, his mother watched her little seven year boy move almost theatrically as he cheered Lassie on. \”Go get \’em girl, go get \’em!\” He\’d look forward to each episode as Lassie would save the day on each and every airing of this show. His mother had memorized Kevin\’s question as it was sure to follow at the end of every episode of \”Lassie.\” Per usual, he quickly spun around while sitting \’Indian Style\’ on the floor and asked, \”Mom?, Can I have a Lassie dog? Please mom!?\”

As she gazed into his eager eyes she replied, \”Honey, I\’d love to give you a dog like Lassie, but I\’ve said it before–dogs like Lassie like to be outside and run...


No artist on the earth could ever paint
Like Jack Frost of window pane fame,
Of mountains and valleys and lofty clouds,
And pathways through the maze.
Have you ever studied the heavens,
When the stars were shining bright,
Watching the galaxies and all their brilliance,
While stars fall through the night?
Did you ever watch an eagle,
As it soars in outer space,
It seems to float to hither and yon,
A thing of beauty and of grace ?
Just think about the northern lights,
As they race across the sky,
Why, it\’s awesome, yes it\’s awesome,
In the night as they race on by,

To watch a storm approaching,
Seeing clouds fight way up high,
Some rolling this way, some rolling that,
And suddenly the centers eye?

Friend you don\’t know what you\’re missing,
When you let the world pass by,
Take time to of...

A Ten-Cent Idea

When young F. W. Woolworth was a store clerk, he tried to convince his boss to have a ten-cent sale to reduce inventory.

The boss agreed, and the idea was a resounding success. This inspired Woolworth to open his own store and price items at a nickel and a dime. He needed capital for such a venture, so he asked his boss to supply the capital for part interest in the store.

His boss turned him down flat. \”The idea is too risky,\” he told Woolworth. \”There are not enough items to sell for five and ten cents.\” Woolworth went ahead without his boss\’s backing, and he not only was successful in his first store, but eventually he owned a chain of F. W. Woolworth stores across the nation...

\”Want to!\”, The

I remember the night in Miami when our son, Ian, was just five years old. We were staying with relatives and it was his bedtime. When I looked at the living room floor, I knew we had a problem. Toys were all over the place. \”Ian,\” I said, \”you need to pick up all those toys before you go to bed.\”

\”Daddy,\” he said, \”I\’m too tired to pick up my toys.\”

My immediate inclination was to force him to clean up the room. Instead, I went into the bedroom, laid down, and said, \”Ian, come here. Let?s play Humpty Dumpty.\”

He climbed up on my knees and I said, \”Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.\” And he fell. Ian laughed and said, \”Let\’s do it again.\” Well, after the third \”fall,\” I said, \”Okay, but first go pick up those toys.\”

Without thinking, he ran ...